Productivity Apps

Coffee could be affecting your ability to get things done. Former Google employees agree that depending on a cup of coffee in the morning will reduce your productivity. However, there’s one thing you can do that can really help you do more work, not prevent it. In this post, I’m referring to productivity apps. Even if we have a coffee once in a while, they save us time, effort, and money. Let’s go into productivity software now. To start, I’ll provide a list of productivity tools that may be used to address a lot of problems. Most of them were tried and tested by members of our team, so we can speak from personal experience. 

Manage your projects

Productivity Apps 1. Google Tasks (or) Google Drive

The traditionalists among us can celebrate. This might be just what you have been looking for. The Google Tasks app offers a clean, clutter-free design. Create several task lists and subtasks as well as notes and specify due dates with this app. Google Tasks’ simplicity is both its strength and its weakness, as it lacks some more advanced functions. You can only enter a due date in Google Tasks, which does not enable time-based alerts. Another element that’s missing from this tool is searching. No themes or color-coding are support anymore, so you can’t use it to visualize your objectives in a creative way.

Productivity Apps 2. Calendar

Calendar is a machine-learning-powered smart scheduling tool. On top of that, it starts inviting people and arranging meetings, conferences, and tasks on your behalf as soon as your calendars are sync. It offers you a unified picture of your digital calendars and the calendars of anybody else who is linking their calendars with you through a simple, easy-to-use smart interface. Unique features make it simple to identify upcoming events, as well as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views. As you work, you will able to see exactly whatever you need to get done, as well as how your team is progressing.

Productivity Apps 3. Proof Hub

Proof Hub is the best project management tool available on the market. To remain on top of projects, deadlines, and communications for any company, team, or person, this is the most straightforward and effective solution available. In the day-to-day management of numerous people and projects, people prefer Proof Hub as a valuable tool for ensuring that the strategic vision, cooperation, and overall scope are all in sync and that projects and subtasks are progressing according to schedule. Among many features and tools available through Proof Hub are specially made roles and access controls, private task lists with IP restrictions, a calendar with auto-reminders and Kanban boards as well as chats and discussion boards and reports, files, and notes, email and mobile apps. There are many new, advanced features in the most recent version (which is constantly being updated), such as @mention, notifications, multiple durations, additional languages, a new calendar view, recurring events, recurring tasks, request forms, and much more. The current version of the application is continually being update.


Project management, task automation, and alerts are all included in HubSpot’s task management software. Sales and marketing groups using the CRM platform will appreciate the natural connection of this application, which was built with lead and customer management in mind. HubSpot allows you to track tasks and projects continuously, so they are not maintain on separate platforms. In addition to a due date and an email reminder, you can also attach files such as contracts or project scopes, task owner for each job, and task type. Then, you will be able to see all of your open jobs and their deadlines on a single dashboard.

5. Social Champ

Working on social media for your business can lead you to become a little irritated sometimes. Consider using a social media management platform that is both cost-effective and easy to learn. Social Champ is a one-stop-shop for all of your social media issues and queries. This application makes it easy to customize your finance to your company’s specific needs because it comes with a low-cost price plan. Social Champ’s powerful management tool helps you publish and plan Facebook posts, Twitter, Google Business Profile, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube with an interactive user interface quick and easy. Automatic features like RSS feed auto-post, bulk uploader, recommendation, content recycling, and social media calendar are just some features you could use with this tool.